Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ok, so I've been on zoom for the past several weeks and have continuously forgotten to post here. Unfortunately during the last day of Spring break my lappy decided to eat my character sheet files (as well as my side characters, creature work, and environment work), leaving me to scramble to get back to where I once was. I'm mostly back on track. Here are WIP versions of the re-compiled char sheets. Obviously not everyone is back on track, but we're getting there.







More sketches will be posted later this week, probably during the weekend. This is will environment and side character drawings.

Peace out! :)

All art copyrighted to Christina Harper unless otherwise indicated.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shashi the red panda samurai ish character. Almost became a hermit of sorts, until he met Faris the hare. He likes to travel and see new places. Steadfast and honest; he is quiet for the most part, but explosive in battle.

I'll be posting more info and images of Shashi soon.

All art copyrighted to Christina Harper unless otherwise indicated.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Brave little Elwing.These are concept sketches for my little elementalist otter. Controller of water, fire and earth. She's a gentle soul. Funny, happy, and a lover of all things pertaining to dance.

Oh my gosh I love to draw her hands. I'll be updating this post regarding her personality and prop descriptions soon.

All art copyrighted to Christina Harper unless otherwise indicated.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Style shmyle

I've had a pretty set idea of the character designs for UAVM since its conception. However, as I've been told by many a professor that branching out and drawing characters in new ways can be good for you. And so I have visually abused poor Summer and changed up the style. Not too good at it yet, but it was still fun.

The writing next to some of them are the songs I was listening to that inspired that particular style or pose. Otherwise commonly known as music doodles.

Now then, onwards to character design sheets!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The gist and history of UAVM

The Guild
So as I've said before, Under a Violet Moon is an older story of mine. It's about a group of trained warriors put together by a society called the Guild. The Guild seeks out gifted young Folk (a termed for all intelligent life) and trains them to be a peace keeping unit. They fall somewhere between police and vigilante.

The main characters are a foursome lead by Summer, a rabbit summoner. Her companions are her best friend Elwing, the river otter Elementalist; Fletch, a feline ranged weapon specialist; and Woodstar, the squirrel tracker/ranger. The Guild likes Folk from all walks of life, so teams are rather varied. Later on, after a few adventures Summer and crew are joined by 3 other characters: Shashi, a samurai-esque red panda; Faris, a good-natured yet experienced hare mercenary; and Kirana, an chipmunk beserker with a sordid past.

The environments are extremely varied in this story. The southern hemisphere ranges from deciduous forests, arid deserts, and open plains. A majority of the characters' early history takes place in these areas. (The final battle in this chapter of their takes place the rocky foothills not far from Woodstar's clan territory.)
A view from the upper branches of the Guild headquaters might look something like this:

The part of this world that the project will encompass takes place largely north of the Crosslands, thin barren waste land that runs the the entire length of the equator (at least the parts that cross land). The closer to the northern territories one gets the more likely you are to encounter depots, both open to all Folk, or or hidden like this technologically advance cloaked depot.In the distance of this image you can see the 'lighter" of the city region. There are small buildings compared to what can be seen farther north. A good part of this project will take place far into the northern hemisphere's depths. A city scape with varying degrees of cleaniness and populations. The technology driven North is far wilder than the medieval South ever was for Summer and friends.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Finally up!

Huzzah! The new blog for Under A Violet Moon is up. This is one of my many stories that I've thought up over the years. It's one of the oldest, has the longest cast list, and it one of my more developed plot lines. It was started in 2004.

The story takes place on earth in the far away future. There are 7 main characters that make up a group on the protagonists side. The antagonists come in many shapes and sizes. Many are still in the pre-development.

Over the course of the next 4 months I will be working to further develop the designs of the characters, environments, props, and story. By the end of the semester I will have a production bible for the story. So lets begin shall we.